I’ve gotta be completely honest.

Up until about 2 weeks ago I really thought I was doing something horribly wrong when it came to parenting my girls. Why? Well, because they hated each other. Rather, Terrance hated Addison. Or, so I thought. I mean, though I never really wanted to believe it the girl didn’t leave much else on the table when it came to her opinion of her little sister. And. they. fought. constantly.

I’m happy to announce though, that since they’ve been trapped inside with one another since the beginning of Christmas break (which was just a little over 2 weeks ago) they’ve become BEST friends. This picture proves it. 😉


Tracking Santa.

Of all the things, big and small, that we’ve come to do with our children during the Christmas season tracking Santa using the Norad Santa tracker is my favorite. It brings tears to my eyes every. single. time.

Oh, Christmas tree,

Oh, Christmas tree.  You make a fine place for my dog to pee. =/

Yeah. That happened.

The other day the girls were stacking, restacking and organizing the presents (after I’d told them not to a million times). Thankfully for us all, though, their handicapped listening skills were beneficial that day when they found a present that is best described to be sopping effing wet. My first thought was that the husband had missed when he refilled the tree stand and spilled water on the presents. But, if you knew my husband that just doesn’t make sense. He’s nearly perfect when doing things like that–he wouldn’t spill water on the presents. And so, I resorted to the invaluable skill only a mother  hones: the smell test.  I cocked my head to one side, closed my eyes, leaned in and took a big whiff. Which was immediately followed by a big gag and a few choice words — okay, more like a lot of choice words.  Don’t worry–the girls were watching Sponge Bob and completely tuning me and my choice language out (don’t judge me). I inspected the rest and in all, only two presents were peed on and thankfully they were able to be cleaned, sanitized, rewrapped and put back under the tree.

Christmas Decor pt. I

For the last several years (pretty much since we bought our house in 2009) I’ve been expanding my Christmas decor beyond the tree in hopes of someday having my home exude the notion that “Christmas threw up in here.” But, it’ll be beautiful and perfect and traditional with a twist type of puke not gross puke–so, we’re clear. =/  If you know me you know that a. I’m incredibly frugal and b. I’m incredibly crafty. So, last year whilst bargain shopping the Christmas aisles (after Christmas of course when it’s all at least 50% off) I found this gem. It’s something I’d been eyeing earlier (before after Christmas clearance) but was waaay too cheap to pay $20 for it. I think I paid $10 for it but, it could have been $5. I’m not sure. Either way it was a win for me. I took it home stuck in a storage tote and forgot about it until last week when I pulled it out of said tote.

It was then that I noticed how lackluster and boring it was compared to the the rest of my decor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty BUT it wasn’t pretty enough. And, so, I did what any crafter and DIYer would do. I pulled out my hot glue gun (aka my nemesis) and a slew of wreath makings (that I buy at Michael’s and Joann’s) and set to work. 

When I start things like this I usually have an idea of what I’m going to do–not an exact plan, just an idea –from there I kind of do whatever and go with it and if it works it works and if not, I rip it off and try something else. In this case my idea was that I wanted an off centered focal point and so that’s what I started with by layering a few pieces from a couple of different stems.

Something to keep in mind when you’re working with floral things like this is that you never have to use the whole thing. They are pieced together and  can easily be taken (or cut) apart. I wanted to add something a bit more bushy as my next piece on the wreath and the one I chose had two clusters of berries that I didn’t want. They easily pulled off and I was able to use just the foliage part of it.


I also usually always place things first and glue second. This is just to ensure that I like the placement of it. In this photo I’m sliding the stem into place.

Then I make sure that I like what I see.

And then I glue (if you look hard you can see the glob of glue 😉 ).

Want this poinsettia as the center of my focal point.

But don’t want the stem. 

Place and glue.

Looking at it makes me think I need some red accents to break up all the silver I have.

From these two stems I cut a few pieces.

And put them in place between my silver layers.

Now, I want to add some silver foliage coming off of the left side of my poinsettia. But, I don’t want a lot so I pulled a piece off of the bushy stem that I showed you earlier.

And cut it in half.

Place, then glue.

Accent with red and done. With that part, anyways.

The next thing I wanted to do was embellish the rest of the wreath. I did that with these things. I believe they were a whopping $`1.29 a piece and %50 off of that (so, seriously, dirt cheap).

I took the balls off either one at a time or two at a time (and twisted the stems together).

 and glued them wherever they’d fit–while also keeping the wreaths balance–until they were gone.

And then, I was done. And I’m kind of in love with it.

And for fun, I’ll remind you what it looked like when I started:

A pretty awesome makeover for very little money.

Halloween 2013.

I must admit that the thought of making costumes for the girls this year was beginning to stress me out. But then we went to the Goodwill one day and Terrance was intrigued by the costume aisles full of outfits and accessories alike for nearly anything you could think of. And, so, we stood there for a good half an hour while the girls dug through the piles and sorted through what was hanging until they, well, Terrance had a created a complete look for herself.  It was probably one of the funnest shopping trips I’ve had with them and I’ve got hand it to the girl: she’s got a good look. A witch.  And sweet little Addison’s going to be a cowgirl.

First grade.

first day of first gradeFirst week of 1st grade. Check.

She’s informed me pretty much daily that her favorite part of school is not just getting to eat lunch there but also being able to pick her own lunch. She has complete control of it and It’s a big deal to her.

“I can pick whatever I want, Mom. You can’t tell me what to eat.” She says to me often and knowingly.

You’re right baby, I can’t. But, I’ve rubbed off on her. She picks fruits and veggies to eat every day…and, chocolate milk.

And, in hopes of doing this annually I put together a fun questionnaire for her to answer:

2013 – 2014 1st Grade

What’s your favorite animal? Unicorn Pegasus

What is your favorite color? Red

Who’s your best friend? Abby

What is your favorite food(s)? Chicken sandwich with mustard

What is your favorite thing to play with? Horses

What is something that you do well? School

Which sports do you like? Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Softball

What do you want to be when you grow up? A horse rider

What is something that you are afraid of? Spiders

What is your favorite TV show? Spongebob

What subjects do you like best? Math, lunch and recess

What famous person do you most want to be like? Sleeping Beauty and Ariel

If you had $1,000 what would you do with it? Buy a real horse

What is your favorite thing about 1st grade? Drawing

What are some things you would like to learn about this year? Horses and math

Love this girl.




and I’m back.

I’ve been feeling the need to blog for a very, very long time. Frankly, I suck. I suck at time management and I suck and ignoring Facebook (a lot) and I suck and making the time to sit down and WRITE. Today is not that day.
First and foremost: Terrance is going into 1st grade in a mere four days. Yep, I said four. Four more days and I’ll be a lonely mom with a quiet house. And, it is, as a good friend of mine describes it, the beginning of the end. From here on out I’ll miss her constantly and wish she was home again.

Anywho, so in lieu of her starting first grade I took her out and got her her very first haircut (ever!). We did a cute bob to her chin and she looked and felt amazing with it. We finished the day getting her outfitted for the coming year with new clothes and some stellar boots she picked out and then we went home. Two days later, for reasons unbenounced to me, Terrance did the one thing that all kids do and when they do it you hope that it’s not too bad and pray (for their sake and yours) it can be fixed. She cut her hair. By herself. Without looking in the mirror. =/ Oh, Terrance. Why?

To say that she cut it though, would be an understatement. She straight up butchered it. And because she straight up butchered it the only fix was a super short pixie do. *sigh*

So, as I sat and watched the stylist chop my girls hair off there came a point where I realized she looked like a little boy and I wanted to cry for her. Here’s my darling little girl who cries to me that she looks like a boy when she has to wear jeans and sneakers  getting a straight up boy haircut. She surprised me that day by telling me that she liked it. I bought her new headbands, got our pictures taken in the photo booth and spent the rest of day telling her how cute she looked with the new cut. She agreed every single time. I believe that she was trying to be strong because she knew that she’d been the reason for having to cut her hair so short. On day two her real feelings came out. She looked like a boy. She didn’t want people to make fun of her. She wanted a wig. She hates her hair.

A few days of seeing the sadness in her when she looked in the mirror made my heart break for her and I wished I could take it all away. And then I had a thought: what if I cut my hair too? I’m on the fence and waiting to see how she adjusts to her hair once school starts. So, we will see. I will say though, that this will be a lesson that she won’t soon forget.

I’m not blogging because I’m busy.

About five weeks ago, a friend of mine and I started training for a 5k. We’re using an app on our phones and it’s made the journey incredibly doable. It breaks down your runs week by week differing your walking and running intervals so that you gain strength and endurance. For example, week one was running for 60 seconds followed by walking for 90 seconds. I remember very clearly how hard it was to run for those 60 seconds. On Sunday I’ll start the first day of the week five runs which is running for 8 minutes walking for 5 and then running for 8 more. I can actually do it. It’s very exciting. 

On the creative front I’ve been sewing like a crazy person. I’ve finished a dress for each of the girls and am *almost* done with a second one for Terrance. I think I’m getting myself ready for the daunting task of making Terrance’s formal dress for her pageant. Part of me is like, “what the hell was I thinking?” and part of me is really exciting for the challenge.  I plan on documenting it bit by bit here on the blog with pictures and such as I go through the process.  Stay tuned. 

Oh, AND, the littlest bug is potty training. We’re on day 12 and she’s pretty much got it. *so excited* 

Equality for all.

As I scrolled down my news feed this morning I realized that we, as a nation and as a society, are changing. “Finally,” I thought to myself.

Although, I must admit that I’ve never quite understood why anyone would ever think it’s any of their business to dictate who anyone else can marry. A person, is a person, is a person. I also don’t understand (call me ignorant if you must) who these people are that think they have any right to dictate the legality of someone else’s marriage.  I, for one, am not a religious person. I never have been nor will I ever be. I just don’t understand the idea of it. But may ask, is it just the religious ones that are so opposed to same sex marriage?  And is it just because there’s a book that tells them that they must?

My husband and I watch our Fox news channel in the morning and following the local news program the 700 Club comes on. It’s not something I ever watch but this morning the tv was left on and so I happened to hear this snipit.

The host is an older man and it seemed to be a Q & A portion of the program. He read a message that had been sent in from a viewer of which the viewer told him that he believes in God and in Jesus and accepts them as his savior. But was asking if it was okay to believe in and respect the earth as a spirit, as in Mother Nature. The host responded with, “absolutely not.” That the earth is dead, it’s a big rock and it is not a spirit and he went on and on and on.

It’s this part of religion that I don’t understand. Why in the world would anyone want to be told what they can and cannot believe? The man who’d written in obviously believed that the earth is in fact a spirit of sorts. And so I wonder, upon hearing the hosts response, did the view suddenly change his mind?

What a hassle to have to live by someone else’s word for things so simple and seemingly so meager.